Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meet the Lucas Family | Sydney Newborn Multiple Birth Photographer

Today I finally got to meet the little duo. They have been, what seems, a long time coming and my excitement to finally meet them has been building.

I arrived to a little chaos. Mum was covered in poo from little Leo. (I think) Then little Oliver got a hold of a chocolate covered biscuit and proceeded to try and give me a cuddle. I certainly felt awful denying him a hug, he was so very cute. And Miss Molly, my little helper.

You look at these photos of the twins that show absolute peacefulness. The last photo of the family shows what was really happening in the room. Poor Oliver wanted to go to be, Miss Molly wanted rabbit to be in the photo. One of the twins popped off into his nappy, everyone was loud and trying to get everyone to look at the camera and it just wasn't happening. There is one photo where everyone is looking but this family photo certainly tells a very different but true story that I am sure loads of parents can relate to.

Thank you Kirsty and Ben for letting me take over your loungeroom today. Loved meeting the boys and seeing the other two bubbas again. Your family is beautiful and  you are both so very lucky to have such a beautiful family. xo